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Qingdao Luxury Lengths Hair Co., Ltd welcomes you with open arms and always wish you excellent deal. The company is at your disposal to answer your requirements and inquiries. We have only one goal in our organization is to give maximum satisfaction to all our customers: the big brands as well as the retailers. As an OEM and supplier, your brand will always be at the forefront in terms of price quality.

For 25 years of producing, we have made several types of wigs or capillary prostheses for women and men. We are a manufacturing company, you send us only your references and the details of your capillary prostheses that you want us to produce and we make them in a better production time according to your wish.
Our Services
  • 1-Wigs

    Being a producer of wigs over 25 years, we have all the skills and could deliver your orders in the best time in excellent quality. In order for our clients to live up to their satisfaction, we take a closer look, word by word, their instructions on the wig models they wanted to have. Our factory manufactures several types of lace, mono-filament and silk base wigs to give an incredible natural look. .

  • 2-Toupees

    Lace toupees, Thin skin toupees or mono-filament toupees,we made it over two decades. So, Qingdao Luxury Lengths could give you expert advice on your orders by consulting us by email or phone. By collaborating with our professionals in toupee perfection, you will develop your market in several countries because we can deliver some market secret and the production tips.

  • 3-Hair extensions

    Hair extensions are the most delicate of the capillary prostheses because it requires more details to have better products. From hair salons or wholesalers, or online sales, they always ask us to create new products to conquer new markets.
    Speaking of hair fashion in the art of beauty, hair extensions is one of the most demanded in terms of hairstyle. In weddings, in everyday life, or in big events, the ladies have always worn beautiful hairstyles made by their hairdresser by their requirements.

  • 4-Stock

  • More than 15.000 stocks are available in our warehouse, we can send you the product details and quantities available after sending us the list of products you are looking for.
    By ordering in stock, you will receive your products immediately.

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