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How to Clean Hair System

 How to Clean Hair System?


You must be excited when you get your hair system. It seems that you find yourself back. But I am sure you will meet a problem: how to wash your hair system? If you wash it uncorrectly, you may ruin your hair quickly. What is the correct way to wash it? You can find tips in below article:


1. Using adhesive remover around the hairline part of your hair system, then slowly rub it so that you can separate tape from the base material. Then lift the front part gently.

2. Continue to use remover around the perimeter, then loose the rest tape from your head. When the whole system becomes loose, gently pull the whole system off your head.


3. After it was completely off your head, you can use a wet towel to rub off the tape from the base with a little bit solvent. During the process, you need to be careful and gentle, make sure to remove all the tape.


4. When you have finished the above steps, you can dip you hair system in warm water(about20℃).


5.Using a comb, slowly comb the hair from the bottom to top until there is no tangle.

6.Using a tiny bit of shampoo on the hair, gently massage the hair for several minutes. Then wash the foam clear.

7. Use a clean towel to dry your hair. You can use some hair conditioner to make the hair more smooth and shining. Ten minutes later, you can wash off the conditioner. Also, dry it with a clean towel.

8. Avoid to expose it under sun, just hang it in the room to let it dry gradually.

If you use and wash your hair correctly, it will last longer.



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